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This last year has been an interesting one, to say the least.  I learned so much at the IRS - World class training.  After my promotion, I decided to move on from there.  That kind of position really doesn't suit me well, unfortunately - Just a negative overall environment.  I did learn a lot, though, and was able to really pick up some good interviewing/auditing skills.  You've never met an elusive "customer" until you've got their personal taxes out on the table, I can tell you that much.

I'm currently looking to really consolidate all of my work experience into an upward march toward management.  I've spent the years since graduation just trying to learn as much as possible about the various aspects of the accounting world, and boy did I.  With that all-around perspective on things, I know pretty much what I sought out to know: I'm either a corporate accounting/finance guy, or a tax guy ... There are a few positions where you get the best of both (fingers crossed).

In 2000, I made the bold step to move into the IT field.  I left Nextel, and headed back to school at one of the strongest Computer Science programs in the country: University of Maryland, College Park.  Unfortunately, that year would see the unraveling of the tech industry.  So, I picked back up and tried to get my forward momentum back ... The economy is only now starting to accommodate that desire.


After graduating from Severn School in 1990, I headed down the road to our nation's capital and spent four glorious years behaving as badly as any upright college student should, at George Washington University ... This was right before they started hosting CNN's Crossfire.

After graduation, I headed north ... to Bethesda.  My roommate, Mitch, started doing his Macintosh business, Computers on Demand, right out of our apartment ... The funny thing is, that website is actually his father's, who started a branch up in New Jersey.  Mitch doesn't actually have a web presence but, he's the most knowledgeable Mac person I've ever met.  He's been very successful at his business - And his son, Samuel, was just born this Summer (2003).  He and Sylvia have got to be the most upbeat people I've ever met.

From there, I bought a condo in Rockville way back in 95 and started working for some small CPA firms, where I learned so much about public accounting.

After a couple of years, I headed back to the Baltimore area (rented the condo out), and worked on an assignment at Legg Mason - They were converting their accounting system, and needed someone to come in and help on the team doing data and systems testing.  Neat stuff.

When that assignment ended, I did a short stint at Nextel, and then headed to Deloitte & Touche for tax season.  At the end of tax season, I took a full-time job at Nextel.  I learned a whole bunch more about Finance and Corporate Accounting.

After a couple years, I decided to do the UMD Computer Science thing.  A long-time family friend, Greg Mudd, had returned from his year in France with a fiance back in Dijon and a few semester of CS in College Park.  Recently, he just started his business, Iconic Mind working on complete soup-to-nuts small business IT programming/Internet solutions.

I dropped the CS program to return to my first love, Accounting.  Greg finished up his CS degree, with a second major in Business, and is set to help small businesses move from Rolodexes and answering machines into the New Millenium.

After leaving College Park, I moved to the other side of the "river" and bought a place in Falls Church.  Less than a year later, billows of smoke were pouring out of the Pentagon, and the whole world changed.  Unfortunately, the company I was working for was doing government consulting, and the budget was frozen so, I was let go.  Boy did that suck!

Fortunately, that was right before tax season so, I was able to brush off my tax experience and work for a very talented CPA in Alexandria, VA.  She is one of the most knowledgeable accountants I have ever known.  After working for Deloitte & Touche, she was a partner in a large local firm, and then she started her own firm.

That experience lead me back into tax, and over to the IRS.

Now, I'm ready for the economy to come back to life, so that America can do what it does best - Push the global standard of living UP, UP, UP!!